Introducing D.G. Charity Global


在這個快速變遷的社會中,家族和企業面臨著前所未有的挑戰。然而,對於那些擁有核心精神和價值觀的家族來說,這些變遷也代表著一個獨特的機會,即連結世代之間的溝通,實現財富和精神的永續傳承。這正是 D.G. Charity Global 成立的目的。

In this rapidly changing society, families and businesses face unprecedented challenges. However, for those families that possess a core spirit and set of values, these changes also represent a unique opportunity to establish intergenerational communication and achieve the sustainable transmission of both wealth and values. This is precisely the purpose for which D.G. Charity Global was founded.


藝術與慈善事業的融合:D.G. Charity Global 創造正面影響力

The Fusion of Art and Philanthropy: D.G. Charity Global Creating Positive Impact


D.G. Charity Global 的使命是協助以「家族」為單位的企業或團體,藉由教育和藝術領域傳承正確的價值觀念,以進行正向的串聯。這個使命的核心是培養家族成員對於家族價值觀的認同,並幫助他們在企業和社會中以這些價值觀作為核心精神。

D.G. Charity Global's mission is to assist businesses or organizations that operate on a "family" basis, fostering positive connections through education and the arts by transmitting correct values. The core of this mission is to cultivate familial identification with the family's values and help individuals embody these values as a core spirit in both business and society.



教育是 D.G. Charity Global 的重要領域之一。我們致力於為家族搭建一個全面的教育平台,涵蓋「金融」、「稅務」和「法律」等相關領域。這個平台旨在提供家族成員所需的專業知識和技能,以應對日益複雜的企業和財務環境。

Education is one of the crucial domains for D.G. Charity Global. We are committed to building a comprehensive educational platform for families, covering areas such as finance, taxation, and law. This platform aims to provide family members with the necessary expertise and skills to navigate the increasingly complex business and financial environments.


藝術是 D.G. Charity Global 所關注的另一個領域。我們致力於推廣一個藝術典藏系統,以作為慈善關懷的循環基金。通過這個系統,家族成員可以學習藝術收藏的專業知識,培養對藝術的欣賞和理解能力。同時,我們還可以通過慈善拍賣、講座和展覽等活動,將藝術和慈善事業完美結合。

The arts are another area of focus for D.G. Charity Global. We are dedicated to promoting an art collection system that serves as a cyclical fund for charitable causes. Through this system, family members can acquire professional knowledge in art collecting, cultivating an appreciation and understanding of art. Furthermore, we integrate art and charitable endeavors seamlessly through activities such as charity auctions, lectures, and exhibitions.


公益實踐:D.G. Charity Global 家族永續關懷的核心議題

Practicing Public Welfare: Core Agenda of D.G. Charity Global's Family Sustainability Care

Photo by LYDIA and her SALAD DAYS


除了教育和藝術領域, D.G. Charity Global 對世代溝通也非常重視。我們將「公益實踐」作為家族永續關懷的核心議題之一。通過參與公益活動和慈善事業,家族成員能夠深入了解社會問題,並積極探索解決方案,最後付諸行動。這種跨世代的溝通和參與有助於建立家族成員之間的聯繫,並鞏固家族的正向價值觀和實踐公益的使命感。

In addition to education and the arts, D.G. Charity Global places significant emphasis on intergenerational communication. We consider "public service" as a core issue for sustainable familial care. By participating in public service activities and philanthropic endeavors, family members can gain deep insights into social issues and actively explore solutions, ultimately translating their efforts into action. This cross-generational communication and engagement help build connections among family members and reinforce the family's positive values and sense of mission in practicing philanthropy.

D.G. Charity Global 通過這些努力,實現世代共融的家族傳承。我們相信,只有通過家族成員之間的溝通、教育和共同參與,才能建立起堅實的家族基礎,並實現財富和精神的永續傳承。而家族獨特的力量和影響力,可以在社會中扮演積極的角色,並為社會帶來正向的改變。 D.G. Charity Global 將持續努力,為世代共融的家族傳承樹立典範,並秉持著藝術慈善的理念,為社會的發展做出貢獻。

Through these efforts, D.G. Charity Global realizes intergenerational harmony in familial legacies. We believe that only through communication, education, and collective participation among family members can a solid family foundation be established, enabling the sustainable transmission of wealth and values. Leveraging the unique power and influence of families, we can play an active role in society and bring about positive change. D.G. Charity Global will continue striving to set a paradigm for intergenerational harmony in familial legacies, guided by the principles of art and philanthropy, and contribute to the development of society.

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