在尋常巷弄中的藝術探索之旅 _ 異常的通道 _ 2022魁北克公共藝術巡迴展

在尋常巷弄中的藝術探索之旅 _ 異常的通道 _ 2022魁北克公共藝術巡迴展


An Artistic Exploration Journey in Unusual Alleyways

Unusual Passages: 2022 Quebec Public Art Tour


今年的魁北克公共藝術巡迴展「異常的通道」(法語:Passages Insolites / 英語:Unusual Passages)來到第9屆,一共有17件作品於皇家廣場(Place Royale)、小尚普蘭(Petit Champlain)和舊港(Old Port)等舊城區,總長2.5公里的展區亮相,18位來自魁北克當地、加拿大以及國際藝術家聯合展出他們的作品,從6月25日至10月10日,展開為期三個多月的公共藝術旅程。

This year's Quebec Public Art Tour, "Unusual Passages" (French: Passages Insolites / English: Unusual Passages), is in its 9th edition. A total of 17 artworks are showcased in the Old Town area, including Place Royale, Petit Champlain, and the Old Port, covering a 2.5-kilometer exhibition area. Eighteen artists from Quebec, Canada, and international artists jointly present their works from June 25th to October 10th, embarking on a three-month-long public art journey.


MYTH AND EVIDENCE (2017), Photo from Passages Insolites official website



By introducing unconventional elements, we aim to discover new meanings.


AN ADAPTIVE MOMENT (2021), Photo from Passages Insolites official website


為何將展覽取名「異常的通道」?這是主辦單位非營利組織「EXMURO公眾藝術」(EXMURO arts publics)的信念,希望藝術品與城市、觀眾互相對話,透過不尋常的事物,打破日常生活中的單調,看見新的意義。「異常的通道」旨在拋開傳統藝術的枷鎖與主流話語權,引領觀眾從不同的觀點看待城市與自身的關係,為社區帶來新的活力,為僵化的城市注入魔幻的詩意,並重新定義藝術體驗。本屆的主題著重在藝術交流和對環境、非殖民化以及地緣政治的反思,它的本質充滿挑釁的意味。

Why is the exhibition named "Unusual Passages"? It reflects the belief of the organizing non-profit organization "EXMURO arts publics" that art and the city, as well as the audience, engage in a dialogue. Through unconventional elements, the aim is to break the monotony of everyday life and discover new meanings. "Unusual Passages" aims to break free from the constraints of traditional art and mainstream discourse, leading the audience to see the city and their relationship with it from different perspectives. It brings new vitality to the community, injects a magical poetic essence into the rigid cityscape, and redefines the art experience. This edition's theme focuses on artistic exchange and reflections on the environment, decolonization, and geopolitics, with a provocative undertone.


#HOPEANDHEALINGCANADA (2021-2022), Photo from Passages Insolites official website


本屆的藝術家蒂特莉(Gabrielle Laïla Tittley)是「異常的通道」第一任大使,綽號叫 PONYPoor One Newly Young,可憐的新青年),她的藝術作品具有跨領域的特色,以俏皮與趣味性著稱。她認為透過擁有包容力、且容易被理解的藝術,將普羅大眾聚集在一起,可以積極地推動改變,尤其是促進人們的心理健康,並在主流話語之外提供不同聲音的抒發管道。

Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, also known as PONY (Poor One Newly Young), is the ambassador for "Unusual Passages" this year. She is a multidisciplinary artist known for her playfulness and sense of humor. She believes that through inclusive and easily understood art, bringing the general public together can actively drive change, particularly in promoting people's mental well-being and providing outlets for diverse voices beyond mainstream narratives.


MUSEUM OF BAD ART 2022, Photo from Passages Insolites official website


除了裝置藝術之外,還有其他實體活動,例如「藝術伏擊」(法語:Embuscades Artistiques)單元,透過活動式劇院、舞蹈和馬戲團表演,為觀眾帶來新鮮的趣味感;來自波士頓「糟糕藝術博物館」(Museum of Bad ArtMOBA)的另類藝術品──這間全世界最奇怪的博物館之一,專門蒐藏不被主流藝術圈所接受的藝術作品,有些甚至只是其他博物館所遺棄的垃圾!在「異常的通道」這裡反而還有特別的導覽活動。

In addition to installation art, there are other physical activities, such as the "Art Ambush" (French: Embuscades Artistiques) segment, which offers interactive theater, dance, and circus performances to provide the audience with fresh and entertaining experiences. Another highlight is the alternative art from the "Museum of Bad Art" (MOBA) in Boston, one of the world's weirdest museums, dedicated to collecting art that is not accepted by the mainstream art scene, including pieces that other museums have discarded. "Unusual Passages" even offers special guided tours for these unconventional artworks.



Through an experimental spirit, we explore the surprises and delights brought by art.


STILL NOT MY STORY (2008-2022), Photo from Passages Insolites official website


EXMURO 藝術公眾於2007年成立,以當代藝術與公共空間設計為主要經營方向,並持續探索在城市中展示公共藝術品的可能性。透過藝術品與觀眾的接觸來刺激彼此的對話,以培養大眾的批判性思維,並提供一種實驗性質的藝術嘗試,期望藉由原創力與自由表達的精神,創造不同的藝術體驗,以及和藝術相遇的新旅程。

EXMURO Arts Publics was established in 2007, focusing on contemporary art and the design of public spaces, continuously exploring the possibilities of displaying public art in urban settings. By stimulating dialogue between art and the audience, it aims to cultivate critical thinking and provide an experimental platform for artistic endeavors. Through creativity and the spirit of free expression, EXMURO aims to create unique art experiences and new journeys of encountering art.


TRACES OF OUR SPACES (2022), Photo from Passages Insolites official website



Since 2014, "Unusual Passages" has been held for nine consecutive years, integrating art into communities and cities through mobile installation art in public spaces and various artistic activities. By introducing "unusual elements," it brings unexpected surprises and delights to the general public. Over these nine years, "Unusual Passages" has transformed Quebec's urban landscape, establishing a unique presence for Quebec City in the global art scene and becoming an important platform for local and international artists to exchange ideas.


NAMAS PAMUS (2022), Photo from Passages Insolites official website


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