創造另一個宇宙天地:藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的文字與圖畫世界

創造另一個宇宙天地:藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的文字與圖畫世界

創造另一個宇宙天地:藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus 的文字與圖畫世界

Creating Another Universe: The Text and Illustrative World of Artist D.G. Lampaulus.


藝術家 D.G. Lampaulus (以下通稱 D.G.)開展了一個屬於自己的宇宙天地。結合畫作與小說的「小說畫集」:《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》三部曲,融合東西方的文化精髓,對於生命意義也提出省思,並呈現出宇宙間的至簡大道。而他的畫作也吸引收藏家的注意,並持續在歐洲巡迴展覽,今年9月也即將在台北的中正紀念堂展出,讓藝術愛好者一探他看待世界的獨特視角。

Artist D.G. Lampaulus, also known as D.G., has created a universe of his own. Through his "Mythological Novel Art Collection" trilogy, titled "Trinity & Lucifer: The Tale of Chuanlitai and Lucifer," he combines painting and storytelling to integrate the essence of Eastern and Western cultures. He reflects on the meaning of life and presents the simplicity of the universe's grand path. His artwork has caught the attention of collectors and is currently touring in Europe. This September, it will be exhibited in Taipei, allowing art enthusiasts to explore his unique perspective on the world.



An Infinite World Unfolding in the Mind


D.G. 以藝術文化作為橋樑,藉此感受日常的幸福。藝術究竟在日常生活中扮演什麼樣的角色?只需要敞開心胸、睜開內心之眼,接受藝術所帶來的感官體驗,你的心境自然會產生改變。正如同以上這幅《巨大的渺小》所蘊含的意義:當我們藉由藝術明白宇宙與生命的關係時,才會得到內心的喜悅和幸福。喜樂從不是向外去尋找,而是向內心探問,才能追溯生命的本質與價值。

D.G. uses art and culture as a bridge to experience everyday happiness. What role does art play in our daily lives? By opening our minds and awakening our inner eyes, we can embrace the sensory experiences that art offers, leading to a transformation in our state of mind. Just like the meaning conveyed in the painting "The Grandiose Minuscule," when we understand the connection between the universe and life through art, we find inner joy and happiness. True happiness is not sought externally but is discovered by exploring our inner selves, uncovering the essence and value of life.



你我都擁有一個屬於自己的小世界。你的視野與心靈有多「豐富」,這個世界便有多寬闊。要如何擴展這個心靈小世界,能否喚醒沉睡已久的內心之眼便是一個極為重要的關鍵。 D.G. 的其中一個目標,就是喚醒你眾多的感官體驗,讓美學帶給你豐富的心靈饗宴。

Each of us has our own little world. The richness of this world depends on the expansiveness of our vision and spirit. Awakening the dormant inner eye is crucial to expanding this spiritual realm. One of D.G.'s goals is to awaken your senses and provide a rich spiritual feast through aesthetics.



Revealing Insights through the Beauty of Art


以上這幅畫作《共存》,就是 D.G. 對於這場人類與病毒之戰的反思。畫中人物有大天使之一夏彌爾,以及人類的始祖:亞當與莉莉斯。人類在上萬年之間經歷過無數次的挑戰與考驗,但憑藉著「共存」的能力,逐一將危機化解。就如同病毒始終存在於自然界中與我們共存,世上所有的陰暗面也一樣, D.G. 認為,人類的生存不是為了消滅它們,而是要求同存異,這也是大自然的平衡法則。

The painting "Coexistence" reflects D.G.'s contemplation on the battle between humans and viruses. The artwork portrays Archangel Michael, one of the great angels, along with humanity's ancestors, Adam and Lilith. Throughout millennia, humans have faced countless challenges and tests, resolving them one by one through the power of coexistence. Just as viruses coexist with us in the natural world, so do all the dark aspects of the world. D.G. believes that human survival does not involve eradicating them but rather seeking coexistence, as this is the balance of nature's laws.



Covid-19 的疫情使得全世界都停了下來,但也是 D.G. 重新調整步伐、沉澱自我的新契機,並於疫情期間來台定居。 D.G. 具有義大利、印尼與華人的血統,長期旅居各國,深受世界各地不同文化的影響,也使他擁有多元的文化背景,以及與眾不同的人生經驗。

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt, but it also provided D.G. with an opportunity to adjust his pace and rediscover himself. He has settled in Taiwan during this time. With Italian, Indonesian, and Chinese heritage, and having lived in various countries, D.G. has been deeply influenced by diverse cultures, resulting in a multicultural background and unique life experiences.



D.G. 將過去所學、所領悟的人生歷程,捕捉難以忘懷的片刻,轉化成為自己的藝術創作,以再現當時的微妙心境,為我們帶來意想不到的驚喜與趣味。那些旅途中的場景一一浮現在眼前,他以充滿創作能量的方式,將每一幕心靈場景轉化成一幅幅美麗的圖畫,並運用優美的文字,以神話小說的形式共同呈現。

D.G. captures unforgettable moments from his past, transforming them into his artistic creations. Each artwork represents a subtle state of mind, providing unexpected surprises and delights. Scenes from his journeys manifest before his eyes, and he channels the creative energy to transform each mental scene into a beautiful painting. Through elegant prose, he presents them in the form of mythological novels.



其中神話小說畫集《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》,當中有著許多大眼睛的可愛天使,療癒就在不知不覺中展開,我們的身心靈同時也在這當中取得平衡。這些畫作都是 D.G. 向眾人溝通的管道,為現代人的精神層次帶來幸福的禮讚,而在心靈枯竭之時亦有甘泉解渴。而書中融合東西方的文化精髓,以淺顯易懂的文字與圖畫,來道出世界的演進過程,以及其中所蘊含的至簡大道。藉由深沉的探索,提出對於生命意義的省思與人文關懷。 D.G. 的藝術承載著積極進取的精神,是生活中隱而不顯卻極其重要的價值取向。

In the mythological novel art collection, "Trinity & Lucifer," the adorable angels with large eyes offer healing that unfolds imperceptibly, restoring balance to our body, mind, and spirit. These artworks serve as D.G.'s medium of communication, paying tribute to the spiritual dimension of modern humans and quenching the thirst of weary souls. The books combine the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, using accessible language and illustrations to depict the evolution of the world and the profound simplicity it holds. Through profound exploration, they raise questions about the meaning of life and show humanistic care. D.G.'s art carries a spirit of positive progress, representing a crucial yet often unnoticed value orientation in life.



Unleashing Infinite Potential through Imagination


以上這幅畫作《宇宙有時》,即是 D.G. 抒發人類在宇宙中的角色,以及對於原生家庭的想法。生命的微妙之處就在於,所有的事情都並非偶然,萬物有其相遇的規律和時間表。我們無法選擇自己會出生在什麼樣的家庭,但無論這輩子會相處多久,在近乎無限的機率中,我們只有一次相遇的機會。從這個角度來看,我們無論遇到什麼樣的人,都應珍惜彼此相處的時光,因為下輩子無論你我愛或不愛,都不一定會再相遇。每一幅畫作的背後,都蘊藏著 D.G. 對於世界以及生命歷程的觀察與省思。

The artwork " Time in the Universe " by D.G. expresses humanity's role in the universe and reflects on the concept of the primal family. The beauty of life lies in the fact that everything is not coincidental; there is a pattern and timetable for all encounters in the universe. We cannot choose the family we are born into, but regardless of how long we spend together in this lifetime, in the realm of infinite possibilities, we only have one chance to meet. From this perspective, no matter who we encounter, we should cherish the time we spend with each other because in the next life, whether we love or not, there is no guarantee that we will meet again. Behind each artwork, D.G. holds observations and reflections on the world and the journey of life.



藝術需要想像力,而想像力往往能激發出無限的潛能與創造力。這就是 D.G. 想要傳達的,透過藝術使心境轉換,運用想像力獲得精神的慰藉,巧妙抓住生活中的吉光片羽,為眾人創造出幸福感。 D.G. 期望你我能以更寬廣的視野感受世界,享受舒適自在的美好時光。期待你能用嶄新的眼光,讓你的小世界變得更寬闊、更豐富。你會發現,幸福將在不經意的眼前浮現,生活中的美好就在此刻誕生。

Art requires imagination, and imagination often sparks infinite potential and creativity. This is what D.G. wants to convey: to transform our state of mind through art, use imagination to find solace for the soul, and skillfully capture the glimpses of beauty in life, creating a sense of happiness for everyone. D.G. hopes that we can experience the world with a broader perspective, enjoying moments of comfort and bliss. With a fresh outlook, you will discover that happiness emerges unexpectedly, and the beauty of life is born in the present moment.



D.G. 相信,唯有透過藝術的巧妙形式,才能揭示出深刻的世界觀與人生觀。藉由對文藝作品的鑑賞與閱讀,領悟藝術家所要傳達的意旨,每個人都有不同的體會,找尋屬於自己的意義與價值。《川里堤與路西法 Trinity & Lucifer 》通過一種直觀式的書寫與繪畫,創造另一個宇宙天地,讓讀者遨遊其中,理解生命另一層更豐富的內涵。徜徉在 D.G. 的文字與圖畫世界,接受它帶給你的力量,體驗一場另類的心靈饗宴。

D.G. believes that profound worldviews and perspectives on life can only be revealed through the clever forms of art. By appreciating and reading literary and artistic works, each person can interpret and find their own meaning and value. "Trinity & Lucifer on the Riverbank" creates an alternative universe through intuitive writing and illustrations, allowing readers to wander within and understand the deeper layers of life's richness. Immerse yourself in D.G.'s world of words and illustrations, embrace the power it offers you, and experience an extraordinary feast for the soul.



Continuously organizing touring exhibitions and dedicated to charitable endeavors.


D.G. 的作品持續在歐洲巡迴展覽,9月初在亞洲的第一站就即將在台北的中正紀念堂舉行。展覽名稱「物物者‧非物」表達了「道」的非物質性,並以道為核心,探索人與自然、人與自我之間的關係,展示了生命的渺小以及人類在宇宙中的定位。此外,本展覽亦以 Nefelibata 作為主題,在葡萄牙語中意指「在雲中漫步的人」,旨在期望觀者跳脫框架,重新定義思考與生活並忠於自我。透過 D.G. 獨特的視角,進一步思考自我與自然的關係,並勉勵觀者找回最初的自我。

D.G.'s works continue to be showcased in an ongoing exhibition tour in Europe, and the first stop in Asia is scheduled to take place in early September at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. The exhibition, titled "Nefelibata" , expresses the intangibility of the "Tao" and explores the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the relationship between individuals and themselves. It showcases the insignificance of life and the positioning of humanity in the universe. Furthermore, the exhibition's theme revolves around "Nefelibata," a Portuguese term meaning "a person who walks among the clouds." It aims to encourage viewers to break free from limitations, redefine their thoughts and lives, and stay true to themselves. Through D.G.'s unique perspective, it prompts further contemplation of the relationship between oneself and nature, motivating viewers to reconnect with their original selves.



 D.G. 除了作為一位藝術家之外,他也盡己之力,以藝術發揮人道的精神,捐贈版畫給英國慈善機構「英國心臟基金會」(British Heart Foundation),希望能透過身體力行實現他的藝術理念:Make Happiness Happen,讓幸福和愛傳遞到各個角落。

Aside from being an artist, D.G. also endeavors to manifest the humanitarian spirit through art by donating prints to the British Heart Foundation, a charitable organization in the UK. He hopes to realize his artistic philosophy, "Make Happiness Happen," by taking concrete actions and spreading happiness and love to every corner.