不斷顛覆你對藝術的想像 _ FAST FORWARD:當代藝術收藏展

不斷顛覆你對藝術的想像 _ FAST FORWARD:當代藝術收藏展

不斷顛覆你對藝術的想像 _ FAST FORWARD:當代藝術收藏展FAST

Constantly subverting your imagination of art

FORWARDContemporary Art Collection Exhibition


D.G.Wander 帶來近期最值得關注的當代藝術展覽!糊塗里國際藝廊Dotard Village Gallery專注在當代藝術的領域,經歷過8個檔期的展覽,漸進式介紹當代藝術發展的歷程。目前當代藝術的市場非常熱絡,在觀眾與藏家之間也引起很大的共鳴,市場流通率很好,價格也有不錯的回饋。

Dotard Village Gallery, an international art gallery, focuses on the field of contemporary art and has experienced eight exhibition periods, gradually introducing the development process of contemporary art. Currently, the contemporary art market is vibrant and has resonated greatly with both the audience and collectors. The market liquidity is high, and prices have received favorable feedback.


The "Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition" showcases contemporary art pieces from Europe, America, and Japan in the same space. For those who are new to contemporary art, this comprehensive exhibition provides a preliminary understanding. For experienced collectors, it allows them to quickly find art pieces they admire.



Abstract Expressiveness: Can you understand my current mood by looking at this painting?


朱德群,《燦爛》/ Chu The-Chun, "Radiance"



Chu The-Chun, a Chinese-French oil painter, is known as one of the "Three Musketeers of Chinese Art" alongside Wu Guan-Zhong and Zao Wou-Ki. He settled in France in 1955 and transitioned his style from realism to "abstract expressionism." The technique of abstract expressionism emerged as one of the exploratory themes shared by artists in the 1950s and 1960s, known as the "New York School" since it originated in New York. It utilizes abstract elements such as color, shape, and composition to express various emotions, leaving infinite room for the viewer's imagination. Can you feel the emotions behind Chu The-Chun's painting "Radiance"?



Conceptual Art: If there were an infinitely large canvas...

Phendimetrazine + Controlled Substance

Damien Hirst,《Phendimetrazine》+《Controlled Substance》


Damien Hirst在學生時期也曾接觸過抽象表現主義,而後轉向「概念主義」發展他的繪畫風格。像這一組兩件的「點畫」系列作,排列不同顏色的圓點,以產生不同的構圖,變化萬千的顏色可以代表任何事物。他甚至異想天開,像這樣的點畫系列,應該畫在一張無限大的畫布上才對!

Damien Hirst also had exposure to abstract expressionism during his student years before shifting towards developing his painting style known as "conceptual art." In his series of two paintings called "Spot Paintings," he arranges dots of different colors to generate various compositions. The ever-changing colors can represent anything. He even has extravagant ideas, suggesting that the Spot Paintings series should be painted on an infinitely large canvas!



Both of these artworks are related to drugs. The triangular one is titled "Phendimetrazine," which is a type of opioid drug, while the square arrangement is called "Controlled Substance," which may appear puzzling at first glance.



Damien Hirst,《Uplift》


概念藝術的主要目的之一,就是引領觀者去思考並探討藝術背後的涵義,Damien Hirst想要表達的是,由於藥物本身具有延長人類壽命的特質,販賣藥物就像販賣一種「永生」的概念或信仰。Damien Hirst許多作品的主題都圍繞在生命與死亡的主題,像是《Uplift》這件由蝴蝶標本所製作而成的作品,象徵死亡與重生的主題,能看到蝴蝶漂亮的反光翅膀,但近看卻是一副殘破的身軀,甚至帶有醜陋的一面。畫布的圖案則是運用旋轉潑印的方式,完成放射狀的圖案。

One of the primary purposes of conceptual art is to lead viewers to contemplate and explore the meanings behind the artwork. Damien Hirst intends to convey the concept that selling drugs is akin to selling the idea or belief of "immortality" due to the inherent quality of prolonging human life. Many of Damien Hirst's works revolve around the themes of life and death, such as "Uplift," a piece made from butterfly specimens symbolizing the theme of death and rebirth. You can see the beautiful reflective wings of the butterfly, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a shattered body, even with an ugly side. The canvas pattern is achieved through a technique of spin painting, creating a radial pattern.


All Spun Out

Damien Hirst,《All Spun Out》





Damien Hirst似乎對圓形情有獨鍾。不只是點畫系列,其他作品也有許多是由圓形構圖,像是《All Spun Out》就是將畫布置於旋轉的機器上作畫而成;蝴蝶也是他作畫常用的題材,他購買了大量的蝴蝶標本以便進行創作。《PSALM:EXAUDIAT TE DOMINUS》是一組四件的其中一幅作品,在畫布中黏上眾多的蝴蝶標本,最後再上一層漆,本次展出的是版畫,亦相當具收藏價值。

Damien Hirst seems to have a fondness for circles. Not only in the Spot Paintings series, but he also frequently employs circular compositions in other works. For example, "All Spun Out" is created by placing the canvas on a rotating machine to paint. Butterflies are also a common subject for his artwork, as he has acquired a large number of butterfly specimens for his creative process. "PSALM: EXAUDIAT TE DOMINUS" is one of the four pieces in a set, featuring numerous butterfly specimens attached to the canvas, layered with varnish. The exhibited version is a print and holds considerable value for collectors.



Graffiti Art: Street Graffiti Transformed into Million-Dollar Art Collectibles




Banksy在英國是以街頭塗鴉藝術家出身,他的作品較有趣味性,常表現出一種黑色幽默,或表達現代社會各種衝突的面貌。《Napalm》代表「燒夷彈」的意思,畫作中間的女孩,是二度創作1972年越戰期間的知名攝影作品:《燒夷彈女孩》(Napalm Girl),將它和鮮明的美國標籤:迪士尼的米老鼠和速食業的麥當勞叔叔並置在一起,卡通、戰爭與速食三個元素,除了呈現美國的多種面貌,也帶有反諷的意味。

Banksy originated as a street graffiti artist in the UK. His works are more playful and often display a sense of dark humor or depict various conflicts in modern society. "Napalm" represents the meaning of "napalm bombing." The girl in the middle of the artwork is a reinterpretation of the famous photograph taken during the Vietnam War in 1972, known as the "Napalm Girl." Banksy juxtaposes it with vivid American symbols such as Disney's Mickey Mouse and McDonald's Uncle Ronald, combining cartoons, war, and fast food into one, presenting not only the various facets of America but also carrying a satirical meaning.






Yok, a graffiti artist from the Philippines, is known for his concise lines, graphical elements, and illustrative style. This artwork, remade from a bus stop sign, is painted with handcrafted patterns, exuding a sense of craftsmanship and combining it with the style of graffiti art. The inclusion of flowers and plants is also a common motif in his works. His pieces evoke a childlike charm and a sense of self-detachment in the mundane society, making them truly unique.



Internationally Renowned and Emerging Artists: Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, and...

Yello Pumpkin

草間彌生,《Yello Pumpkin》/ Yayoi Kusama,"Yellow Pumpkin"



村上隆,《黃泉之國》/ Takashi Murakami,"Country of the Dead"



In addition to renowned contemporary artists from Europe and America, this exhibition also features works by Japanese masters such as Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. Yayoi Kusama often utilizes infinite nets and dots in her compositions, and "Yellow Pumpkin" is one of her representative works, adding a touch of fantasy alongside its cuteness and playfulness. Takashi Murakami's recognizable pop art style is showcased through three pieces in this exhibition. "Country of the Dead" is a silk screen print created with intricate craftsmanship, displaying its distinct characteristics.


Timberline Lodge

Kasing Lung,《無題untitled》(左)、《Timberline Lodge》(右)


Little Fennec boy

山本麻友香,《Little Fennec boy》/ Mayuka Yamamoto,"Little Fennec boy"


另外像是香港的繪本作家龍家昇(Kasing Lung),以及帶有奈良美智風格的山本麻有香,也都是相當具知名度的當代藝術家。本次展覽還網羅了許多具有潛力的新銳藝術家,他們的藝術潛能尚待觀者與藏家們的發掘,值得一探究竟。

Furthermore, artists like Hong Kong's picture book author Kasing Lung and Mayuka Yamamoto, who incorporates the style of Yoshitomo Nara, are also well-known contemporary artists. This exhibition also gathers many promising emerging artists whose artistic potential awaits exploration and discovery by viewers and collectors. It is definitely worth exploring.



活動展期:9/1710/29  10:0019:00(週一~週六)



FAST FORWARD: Contemporary Art Collection

Exhibition Event Duration: 9/17 - 10/29, 10:00 - 19:00 (Monday to Saturday)

Event Location: Dotard Village Gallery (1st Floor, No. 6, Lane 6, Xinzhong Street, Songshan District, Taipei City)